张大力 Zhang Dali

In 1987, Zhang Dali graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Design (now Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University) and now lives in Beijing. Zhang Dali is one of the representatives of contemporary Chinese art, who vigorously sympathizes with the social reality through multi-media art such as installation, sculpture, behavior, photography, blue-sun painting and so on, allowing the observers to feel the resonance of senses and souls in the artistic field he set up.


《感观世界》 The World of Senses

青铜铸造+ 贴金
Bronze casting + gilding


The World of Senses

青铜铸造+ 贴金
Bronze casting + gilding
作品阐释 Introduction of the Work

Sense is to observe and study the world; View is the point of view and cognition. The world of senses is the perceived world of vision, which refers to the reflection of objective things in the human brain. In real life, because of the difference between the degree of education, the ethnic group and individual experience, the sensory world of one person is quite different from other people, so when the human sensory nerve judges objective things, they often have subjective cognition that is very emotional. But no matter how big the difference is, it can't deviate from the human nature as a creature. The saying that “God laughs when human-beings ponder” tells us when we feel the truth is closer, perhaps we are heading in the opposite direction. The more we want to prove our greatness, the farther we are from the truth. This is the strange circle of human-beings and the essence of life. It is a comedy but a tragedy.

This work philosophically emphasizes the positive meaning of this difference, as well as the ultimate unity of ever-changing diversity and eternal stability. The elephant is a fierce but gentle animal. The author takes its image and tone here. In Chinese culture, “xiang” is a structure, but also an image, an imagination and a symbol. That “elephant is invisible” is the realm and presentation of Tao. Tao cannot be visible and imagined, but humans must image and learn it.

The human body above the elephant is a copy of the real human body that emphasizes and represents the human of the real world.

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