尹秀珍 Yin Xiuzhen

Born in Beijing, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Capital Normal University in 1989, Yin Xiuzhen now works and lives in Beijing. Since the early 1990s, she has been engaged in the creation of contemporary art. As an important Chinese female artist with international influence, Yin’s works cover a wide range of fields with the medium of installations, photography, ceramics, painting and other means for experimental creation, paying attention to the life experience of individuals and groups and "search for experience to draft". She focuses on the relationship between human and nature and the environment as well as the expression of personal experience in the context of social change and globalization. As one of the most active female artists in the world, Yin Xiuzhen has participated in many important group exhibitions worldwide in recent years, such as Venice Biennial, S?o Paulo Art Biennial, Kwangju Art Biennial, Shanghai Biennial. She has also held solo exhibitions in Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Groninger Museum, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, etc. In 2014, Phaidon Press published a special collection for Yin Xiuzhen on the famous series of "Contemporary Artists", who is also the second selected Asian female artist after Yayoi Kusama. Yin Xiuzhen's works are collected by the Tate Gallery of Modern Art in Britain, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Groninger Museum, Mori Art Museum, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Ullens Art Foundation, Museum+ in Hong Kong and other important museums and art institutions.

作 品

《尾喉》 Tail Throat

Mirror stainless steel


Tail Throat

Mirror stainless steel
作品阐释 Introduction of the Work

I built a car muffler tail throat that was enlarged to the size of the monument in the sponge city of Yuelai New Town. The air outlet at the top of the tail throat is a plantable container in which plants can be planted. Focused on our living environment and situations, I used the concept of symbiosis with the environment. The environment we live in today is full of noise and pollution. This “muffler tail throat” has a symbolic meaning for the control and purification of sound and gas. This huge muffler tail throat is not only a reflection of the impact of industrialization on environment, but also a reflection on the predicament of people in a damaged environment. The sponge city is invisible but can be felt, and this device enlarges this concept.

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