庞茂琨 Pang Maokun

Born in 1963 in Chongqing, Pang Maokun has studied in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute from 1977 to 1988, and obtained a master's degree in oil painting. He is currently the dean of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, chairman of Chongqing Artists Association, president of Chongqing Artists Association, curator of the Chongqing Art Museum, director of China Artists Association, deputy director of Oil Painting Arts Committee of China Artists Association, and director of China Oil Painting Society. For many years, he has persisted in exploring the expression and presentation of classical oil painting language in the contemporary cultural context, melting his personal artistic creation into the current social reality. He always describes reality itself from the perspective of gaze so that the original quiet style of classical painting has been endowed with a sense of strangeness and distance which is different from everyday life. Such artistic temperament not only represents the construction and integrity of personalized style, but also derives the value and significance of oil painting in contemporary art.


《永恒之爱》the Eternal Love

Comprehensive material


the Eternal Love

Comprehensive material
作品阐释 Introduction of the Work

Buddha once said if two persons had five hundred times of meditation in a previous incarnation, they could meet each other once in this life. In the true love of the world, we must know how to use the other's eyes to see the world, listen to the voice of the other to feel the world, and think about the world from the perspective of the other side, so that love can be deeply dispersed in the world of selflessness. The work combines the image of Rodin's Kiss with the Western Roman columns. The couples who kiss each other are presented in an undulating, delicate and elegant body and posture, while the Roman column symbolizes a human civilization, both of which are assembled using machines, indicating humanity of the industrial age and the eternal love.

The materials of the work exclude the traditional materials like stone, and glass steel, but include resin, ready-made products and metal welding and other comprehensive materials. The audience enters and participates in the field of this work from a special angle. This interactive relationship makes the work create new vitality again. The thing through ancient and modern times, which is pure and uncontaminated, only love!

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