谷文达 Gu Wenda

Born in 1955 in Shanghai, Gu Wenda, an internationally renowned artist, was formerly called "the new generation's representative avant-garde artist in China from the late 1980s to the early 1990s" by Edward Lucie Smith, a British art historian. He is also one of the leaders of the 85 Art New Wave Movement. In the early 1980s, he challenged the orthodox system by drawing ink paintings with dislocated and dismembered calligraphy, which influenced artists of later generations. Gu Wenda began the “United Nations Series”, an installation art project, in 1993, the works of which represent monuments in more than 20 countries and integrate the DNA genes of 5 million people in the world.


《【澳门太阳诚娱城集团2007-】碑林柒系-c》 “Chongqing” Beilin Qi Department-c

石灰岩(儒石) + 裹刻
Limestone (also namely Rushi) + Wrapping and Engraving
380×260×280cm 190×190×125cm 380×280×170cm


“Chongqing” Beilin Qi Department-c

石灰岩(儒石) + 裹刻
Limestone (also namely Rushi) + Wrapping and Engraving
380×260×280cm 190×190×125cm 380×280×170cm
作品阐释 Introduction of the Work:

Geography, history and humanity are the soul and core of monumental art.

As far back as the Paleolithic Age of more than 20,000 years ago, mankind has lived and prospered in the fertile land known as the “Confluence of Two Rivers”, which is called “Ba”; According to Chongqing’s geographical features and historical humanities, I use the calligraphy text “Thousands of Miles and Vastness” from the Simple Dictionary to represent the historical city of Chongqing, and use the composition method from the Simple Dictionary to express “Yue Lai”. And the text is engraved in the sea fossils dating back 100 million years. I named this stone Rushi(Confucianism Stone). As is known to all, Shandong is the birthplace of Eastern Confucianism.

The Simple Dictionary is a large-scale “dictionary” art work that I began to think about in the early 1980s. In the long process of my creation, I gradually came up with a wish: whether the “simple word” calligraphy in my ink painting can evolve, and then become the Simple Dictionary that can be widely used. Wrapping and engraving, an original simple form the composition of the calligraphy on the stone tablet, which means that a word wraps a stone. Therefore, we can only see parts of the word from an angle. The word is originally a visual abstraction, the meaning of the reality, and the wrapping and engraving pushes it to the limit and obscures the meaning of the word. Make the big characters of the simple words of solar terms, embodying the Eastern view of the universe and the concept of life, be in harmony with the natural form, which also shows the modesty, appropriateness and harmony of the natural environment, the contemporary art against routines, the non-friendly extreme self-performance of design and architecture. With the change of the color of each solar eclipse every day, it is hidden and confusing sometimes.

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